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In-Home Private Training

Individuals, Families & Small Groups

What is your family's safety worth to you?

Home Invasion Gun

If a loved one was traumatically injured, how would you respond?

Do you have the training and tools to save a life?

Do they have the knowledge and skills to get home safely?

Does your family have a plan for when Evil shows up uninvited?

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As experienced professionals, some would have counted us as dangerous.  They were not wrong.  But as individuals, we’re much more than that.  We are also committed husbands, present fathers, trusted neighbors, dependable friends, and experienced instructors.

Every 26 seconds a violent crime takes place*

Although committed to protecting the communities they serve, law enforcement officers typically arrive after an incident takes place. You and your family and friends need to be prepared to protect yourselves and treat any injures that could otherwise be life-threatening.


Customizable Content

CPR & First Aid

Stop The Bleed

Active Shooter Survival

Firearm Safety and Basic Handling

College Safety and More…

Customizable Times

2 – 8 Hour Days

Multiple Day Options

Our highly experienced military veterans are ready to provide basic and advanced training to you and your friends and family.

Trio BR


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