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House of Worship

-Safety Team Training-


Violence within our society is on the rise.  This violence affects not only our businesses, schools, neighborhoods, and homes, it also can also strike our Houses of Worship.  It is absolutely necessary to have a designated and trained safety element within every Church and House of Worship in the US.  The members of your faith community that worship at your facility, deserve and expect a safe place to practice their faith. 

But no two churches are identical

We will gladly come out to your location to evaluate and improve your current program, provide ongoing monthly, quarterly, or annual training to your team, or help you get the ball rolling with establishing a new program.

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Customizable Course Content Includes:

Current Threat Assessment

Armed vs. Unarmed Security

Concealed Carry Techniques

Soft vs Hard Security

Early Recognition and Response

Domestic Violence on Campus

Verbal De-escalation

Tactical Medicine Basics

And More…

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